Memory Transfer Probe (MTP)

Wondrous item, very rare

This device has the appearance of a long surgical needle with a tiny glowing transmitter affixed to the top of the shaft. An Mtp is designed to extract or install the image of a memory and transfer it to an external storage device such as a computer. The nanite-acupuncture needle can be inserted into the individual through the spine, near the base of the skull, where it sends specific electromagnetic frequencies into the individual’s brain that can then be interpreted as a stored memory or translate the brains pulses and record them as a new memory. A stored image may contain words or merely be an image or series of events. Individuals wishing to experience the memory can access it via a computer and then applying the Mtp to themselves.

Inserting the probe properly requires a DC 14 Wisdom (Medicine) skill check, otherwise the individual gains one level of exhaustion and must wait until they are fully recovered before the individual can get hit again.

The probe can only transfer one memory at a time and the computer can only store a single event.

There is no limit to the number of times this device may be used, however after 50 or uses it begins to malfunction, altering memories or only retaining part of the information, which poses significant risk to the user.

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