Wondrous item, very rare

A series of flattened oblong metal plates form can be slid over one’s forearm and then locked into position with a series of tiny latches. Along the inner ridge, three metal buttons with cryptic symbol on each one. The plate along the outer edge is slightly raised and forms into a slender that extends an inch beyond the wrist. Protruding from the tube is a small bolt-shaped projectile with retracting claws.

When worn, the user can program the device to fire the bolt, which is attached to several hundred feet of impossibly fine metal cable spun into a complex winding system hidden inside the plates. When fired, the bolt sinks into a target and thereafter, the winding mechanism pulls the wearer towards it. Alternately, it can be fired at person or creature allowing the wearer to attempt to pull the target toward himself.

The micrograppler’s wearer operates the device using the three buttons located along the inseam.

Depressing the first button causes the micrograppler to start building up a compressional charge.

Thereafter, the individual has 2 rounds to aim the device before the charge releases, launching the grappling bolt as a ranged attack. The bolt travels in a straight line with a range 300 ft. If it strikes something in its path, the head of the bolt quickly buries into it, and releases anchoring hooks that hold it fast. The bolt can penetrate any material with a damage threshold less than 10. If it strikes a living object, it deals 1d6 piercing damage. Once the bolt is lodged into the object, it can only be removed by tearing it free with a DC 20 Strength check that breaks the bolt and deals 4d6 damage to whatever the bolt was lodged in. The cable has damage threshold 10, and hp 45.

The second button rewinds the grappler. When depressed the grappler begins rewinding pulling the wearer and the object towards each other at a speed of 30 feet per round. If the wearer attempts to remain stationary, then the object grappled must make a Strength check equal to 10+ the wearer’s Strength modifier or be pulled toward the wearer. If the target exceeds the check, then the wearer moves towards the target. The wearer may also voluntarily allow himself to be pulled towards the target. Likewise if the target is an immobile object, the wearer is pulled toward the target.

The third button causes the bolt to retract its anchoring hooks allowing it to be freely extracted from the target.

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