Mirror of Echoes

Wondrous item, rare

Crafted from pure silver, this palm-sized mirror was created to investigate crimes and can be used to scry into the past. When used in a location, the mirror can show an event that had previously occurred there. The user makes an Intelligence (Arcana) check, with difficulty depending on how old and strong the event’s temporal echo is. If successful the mirror will show exactly the event the caster wishes to see, provided they are in the correct location. The difficulty of the roll increases depending on how long ago the event was, but decreases based on how powerful the imprint it left on the surrounding area was, with death and birth providing the deepest imprint. The GM should set this difficulty as 10 (easy), 15 (medium), 20 (hard), 25 (very hard), or 30 (impossible).

The mirror can only show the truth, when it shows anything at all, even if an illusion was used during the recounted event — e.g. a person using disguise self at the time is now shown in their true form. The user must catch the reflection of the area in the mirror and can only see what happened in the area reflected back, though they are free to move around the scene in order to get a better view. The mirror can only be used once per long rest and functions for 10 minutes before going dark.

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