Mystic Fishing Pole

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement by an arcane spellcaster)

This seems to be an ordinary fishing pole until you realize the shaft is covered in tiny runes and the hook is made from the bone of a mythical aquatic beast.

Radiates: Conjuration magic.

Power: You gain proficiency in Wisdom (Survival) and advantage on Survival checks to catch fish.

Power: You can fish in other dimensions. You cast your line into the air; no body of water is required. Roll a DC 15 Arcana check. If you fail, the “fish” aren’t biting. If you succeed, you catch some kind of harmless astral or elemental aquatic beast. It may or may not resemble a fish or eel as you know them, but it is edible and surprisingly tasty. Each creature you catch can feed one humanoid of Large size or smaller. You may use this power a number of times per day equal to your proficiency bonus. However, if you roll a 1 (critical failure), you pull through a water elemental or some other type of aquatic or astral creature of the GM’s choice. This creature is hostile and immediately attacks you.

Special: If you are a conjurer, you unlock this item’s true power. By drawing the lines of a door in the air with the tip of the pole, you create a secret doorway into a pocket dimension, a so-called “fisherman’s paradise.” This works like rope trick, except you don’t need a rope to access it, you just walk right in.

As soon as you enter the doorway, the door disappears and cannot be accessed by anyone outside. Everyone inside is under the effects of a nondetection spell. Inside the pocket dimension is a small, well-stocked pond where you can fish in peace.

In addition, the pocket dimension features a campsite with a fire pit and cooking gear along with plates and utensils, blankets, and even a mystic chimney to let smoke escape if you decide to cook your catch. You may stay in the pocket dimension for a number of hours equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus. You may access the pocket dimension a number of times per day equal to your proficiency bonus.

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