Nanite Tissue Gauze

Pharmaceutical, uncommon

Nanite tissue gauze comes in packets containing 1 to 6 small spools of a material similar in appearance to surgical gauze, individually vacusealed in clear plastic. Closer inspection reveals the gauze to be woven from strands of a pliable and fleshyfeeling compound. Each spool has enough gauze to make a single repair. Intended as to provide initial emergency care to individuals working in dangerous situations, nanite tissue gauze has limited applications and isn’t considered a substitute for real medical treatment. Once applied, the gauze bonds to the individual’s flesh sealing any wounds and allowing them to seemingly regenerate. Nanites in the gauze weave it into new flesh and even lost digits, severed limbs, or broken bones regenerate at the rate of 2d6 points per minute, seemingly allowing the victim to recover. However, the new nanite flesh only temporarily solves the problem, and after 24 hours, it begins breaking down. After the 24 hour limit, the user suffers all the effects, including damage, of the original injury.

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