Necklace of Harmonia

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

Forever Radiant. While wearing the necklace, you appear in the prime of your youth and the most beautiful you could possibly be. This is, however, an illusion even to yourself. You still age normally.

Curse of Misfortune. The Necklace of Harmonia was cursed by Hephaestus when he crafted it in a jealous rage. The wearer is subject to all manner of bad luck, causing all attacks, spells, and abilities used against them to have advantage. The wearer is magically unaware that the necklace could cause this misfortune and will become violently resistant to the implication that the necklace is anything less than a holy relic. Due to its creation by Hephaestus, greatest of all craftsmen, this curse cannot be undone by any means.

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