Necklace of Truth

Wondrous item, rare (cursed)

This amulet creates a personal zone of truth upon on the wearer. While wearing it, they cannot tell a deliberate lie, nor can they lie by omission, but must tell the whole truth as they know it. If the wearer is misinformed on a particular subject, they give incorrect information. Additionally, any use of a discern truth spell will always show the target’s words as truth, even if they’re not. Appropriate divination spells still reveal unwitting lies. Creatures touching the wearer with either bare skin or through thin cloth must make a DC 20 Charisma saving throw or become afflicted with the same effect for 2 rounds. Any material thicker than canvas protects against the curse jumping to other targets, so it cannot be transferred through armor or even a pair of modest leather gloves. The necklace itself can only be removed from the wearer with successful use of remove curse. If the target dies, the necklace can be removed, although it attaches itself to the next person who makes the mistake of touching it.

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