Necropolis Warden’s Band

Ring, rare (requires attunement)

Those dedicated to overseeing the care of tombs and catacombs wear silver rings similar to the necropolis attendant’s band but are typically inset with a pale-colored jewel. The wearer of a necropolis warden’s band is perceived by undead with Intelligence below 10 as not being a threat (similar to how they would perceive other undead). As long as the wearer does not engage in any hostile acts, they will be ignored by the undead.

An undead creature commanded to attack the wearer ignores this protection, but as a reaction the wearer can cause an undead creature with Intelligence below 10 to have disadvantage on a single melee or ranged weapon attack roll.

When the wearer hits an undead creature with a melee or ranged weapon attack, as a bonus action they can ignore any resistance the undead creature has to damage from that attack.

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