Netherbeam Cannon

Weapon (heavy gun, nethertech), rare

A netherbeam cannon is a terrifying weapon reverse-engineered from salvaged taur weapons. The body is made of dark metal and emblazoned with radiation warnings. A netherbeam cannon is heavy and two-handed and has range 40/120 feet as well as the loading property. It deals 3d6 necrotic damage.

When fired, an arc of black energy lashes out from the tip of the weapon. The chaotic path of the beam imposes disadvantage on attack rolls made with this weapon. After successfully hitting a creature the beam “locks on” and will twist around intervening objects. Subsequent attacks rolls with the cannon against that target do not have disadvantage innately, from being heavily obscured, from blindness or invisibility, or from being attempted from within 5 feet of the victim. In addition, after the beam has locked on any observer that see the beam can tell the target’s location. Finally, your attacks with the cannon against a locked-on target never accidentally target the wrong space and ignore cover less than total cover.

You lose the target lock when you drop the weapon, use the cannon to attack a different target, or when the target leaves range or gains total cover against you. A netherbeam cannon can’t be used to make sneak attacks.

If you are using the Alien Bestiary from Legendary Games, a netherbeam cannon deals an additional 1d6 damage against creatures with the aether tag.

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