Neutralizing Safety Blanket (NSB)

Wondrous item, uncommon

This carbon fiber capsule about the size of a scroll case with a circular graphite pull-tab at one end.

Aiming opposite end of the tube and pulling the tab fires out a 5-ft by 5-ft blanket woven from some sort of artificial cloth. The blanket is saturated with neutralizing powered that quickly negates the effects of acids or fire. An individual can pull the tab to shoot the blanket as a ranged attack with a 30-foot range at any individual who has caught on fire, been doused with acid or suffers from exposure to similarly caustic chemicals. If the blanket hit, it wraps around the individual and knocks him prone, immediately extinguishes the fire or neutralizes caustic substance. The individual is prone, and concealed beneath the blanket, however they aren’t restrained and may move freely.

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