Nine Heads

Wondrous item, common (does not require attunement)

This is a leather cord, belt, or bandolier upon which hang nine gruesome shrunken heads. It was first made infamous by a barbarian shaman, and everyone who has worn it since their death has adopted “Nine Heads” as their surname in their honor (or to capitalize on their infamy).

Radiates: Necromancy magic (unstable).


  • You can command the eyes of the shrunken heads to shed dim light in a color of your choice in a 5 foot radius. With or without the light effect, you can also make the eyes of the shrunken heads open and look around, their eyes move, nostrils flare, mouths chant, murmur, or whisper, etc. Wearing or displaying this hideous belt grants you a +2 bonus to Charisma checks against evil creatures and a -4 penalty to Charisma checks against good-aligned creatures.

Special: If you choose to attune to this item, you can command the heads to warn you whenever you are about to be attacked. Once you do, you can no longer be surprised.

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