Ooze Plasma

Wondrous item, very rare

Ooze plasma is the distilled essence of a gelatinous cube, black pudding, or other ooze creature. Visually, it resembles both a thick liquid and a gas. It’s heavier than air so it can be held in open-topped bowls or tanks, and an object dipped gently into it comes out coated in ooze plasma. If a hand, wand, or other object is waved slowly through ooze plasma, the substance reacts and feels much like a thick liquid. It can be piped through tubes and drained through a spigot into a lower container, or even siphoned like water. If an object is waved quickly through ooze plasma, however, or if it’s pressurized and squeezed through a nozzle, it behaves like a gas; the plasma flows around objects with no resistance, it floats upward and outward as if it’s weightless before slowly settling back toward the ground. If sufficiently agitated, ooze plasma can even appear to dissipate or evaporate into the air, but this is an optical illusion; the plasma has only become so thin that it can’t be seen. Eventually it settles downward and resembles a liquid again.

Ooze plasma is acidic. A creature that starts its turn in ooze plasma takes acid damage; the amount depends on how deeply the creature is submerged. A shallow puddle causes 1d4 acid damage; full submersion causes 4d8 acid damage. Anything between those two extremes should be prorated by the GM. If ooze plasma gets into a creature’s eyes, the creature is blinded until its eyes are flushed clear with water.

Ooze creatures are healed by ooze plasma much as humans are by potions of healing. The amount of healing varies from 2d4 + 2 to 10d4 + 20, depending on the amount of plasma involved and its purity. Oozes can’t drink the plasma, obviously; they only need to come into contact with it for the plasma to be effective.

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