Optical Lock

Wondrous item, uncommon

This small device records and stores its owner’s retinal patterns.

Thereafter the owner may place the optical lock may onto another device in order to protect it. In order to activate the device, the lock’s owner must first identify herself by allowing the scanner to scan match her retina to confirm her identity. Once the optical lock is set, only another retina scan may safely open it. Should anyone else attempting to activate the device, they are first sent a computerized request to scan a retina. Further tampering or false scans start a kill switch code that overloads the device causing it to explode, emitting a potent a charge of electrostatic that typically injures the tampering individual and either breaks or fully destroys the item on a failed save.

The electrical blast deals 4d6 lightning damage, though a successful DC 14 Dexterity save reduces the damage by half. Once triggered, the optical lock is destroyed. However, if the lock isn’t triggered, the owner can once again use a retinal scan to deactivate it and set it elsewhere.

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