Orb of Death

Wondrous item, artifact

This orb appears as a perfect obsidian sphere. It requires the sacrifice of a sentient creature, willing or otherwise, in order to function. The orb draws in their life force and corrupts it beyond repair, spewing the transformed life force back into the world as a necromantic plague. The first victim is the sacrifice itself, immediately raised again as a night creature, before spreading to any dead within a 50-foot radius. This includes previously animated undead, such as liches or zombies, as well as corpses in various states of decay. Usually the orb is activated inside a cemetery for maximum effect.

Once it has infected the dead and converted them into night creatures, the plague begins to spread among the living. All living people within the area must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw to avoid contracting the necrotic infection. If they contract the disease, they become carriers forcing a DC 20 Constitution saving throw from

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