Orb of the Seventh Star

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This melon-sized clear crystal sphere contains seven small winking points of light, which shed light as a candle. You can use it to create dancing lights and detect magic at will and detect thoughts (DC 13) once per long rest. You can also launch a total of seven sparkling motes of light, each striking as a single magic missile. You can launch all seven notes at once or may allocate them in smaller groups as desired. Launching these magic missiles is usually an action; however, you cast magic missile or uses another magic item to create magic missiles, you may choose to add up to two of the orb’s magic missile motes to that magic missile effect as a bonus action. When a magic missile is used, one of the tiny stars within the orb winks out. The stars brighten up again and the seven uses of magic missile reset after taking a long rest.

Epic Attunement. You can tap into the tiny stars within the orb to prepare up to 7 additional levels of spells or spell slots (though no spell or spell slot can exceed 3rd level). Each spell level used in this way causes one star to wink out and a use of magic missile to be used up. The spell slots must be used before your next long rest or they are lost. If all stars wink out, the orb’s other effects are suppressed until they return.

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