Orb of Turning

Wondrous item (orb), uncommon

A fist-sized lump of clay covered in dimly glowing runes; this crude throwing weapon has a range of 20 feet. Created from divine magic and housed within a sturdy hull, orbs of turning are designed to fight undead, and are often carried by patrols in known hot spots of undead activity. While they can’t be used to kill any but the weakest of the undead, they are incredibly useful for regrouping or securing a retreat.

Once thrown, the orb shatters upon impact, repelling all undead within 20 feet of the impact point as per a cleric’s Turn Undead feature. All undead must succeed on a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw or be forced to flee for 1 minute. Additionally, the user’s player rolls from the table below to determine additional effects. If the undead failed their saving throw, the turning does not break upon damage being dealt to the undead, but will immediately end if the user falls to 0 hp or loses consciousness.

d10 Result
1-4 No additional effect
5-7 Destroy undead (maximum CR 1)
8-10 Command undead for 1 minute
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