Owlbear Dander

Wondrous item, rare

Owlbear dander is a fine powder.

Rumors tell that the same deranged arcanist who created the first owlbear was also the first to manufacture this substance. A pouch of owlbear dander can have a potent effect on the body and mind of anyone who inhales it. The powder comes in one-dose pouches, which can be thrown as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 10 feet. A creature who inhales the dander must succeed at a DC 17 Constitution saving throw or be overcome by the same bestial rage that fuels an owlbear’s violent nature. A creature who fails takes the shape of an owlbear, and is compelled to attack anyone near them. At the end of each round, the creature can roll another DC 17 Constitution saving throw to end the effects of the owlbear dander. The effects of owlbear dander end on their own after 10 rounds if the affected creature has not yet succeeded on the saving throw.

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