Parasite Dagger

Weapon (dagger), rare (requires attunement by an arcane spellcaster)

This +1 dagger has a disturbing aura; the blade seems to subtly move whenever you’re not directly looking at it. You could swear you see shapes swimming inside.

Radiates: Abjuration and conjuration magic.


  • You are immune to disease plus necrotic and poison damage as well as to the poisoned condition.
  • If you hit with this weapon in melee, the dagger injects a large, worm-like parasite into the wound that continues to wriggle and devour its way into the creature you hit. This deals 1d6 necrotic damage on the first round and the creature must make a Constitution save or be poisoned. Regardless of whether the save is successful or not, the parasite continues to do 1d6 necrotic damage each round for the next 2 rounds unless the creature removes it as an action. Once removed, or after the 3rd round, the parasite dies and melts away. This ends the poisoned condition if the creature failed its save. You can conjure multiple parasites, but can only have 1 parasite in a creature at a time.

Special: If you are a conjurer, necromancer, or warlock, the extra necrotic damage increases to 1d8.

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