Particulate Synthesizer

Wondrous item, very rare

This 8-inch metal tube has four rotating chambers inset with small, softly glowing indicator lights that change their patterns when the chambers are rotated. A particulate synthesizer is capable of synthesizing small amounts of matter. While it can create only a few grams of such material at time in the form of granular crystals, the device is highly prized by spellcasters for the creation of expensive spell components or magic item creation, up to a maximum component price of 500 gp.

The synthetic particulate matter created is completely inorganic and cannot be used as food or drink, nor can it be worked into finished products made of the original material. Attempts to further process or refine it, such as attempting to melt it down, cause the synthetic matter to revert to its original composition. The particulate synthesizer holds 20 charges, expends 1 charge per use, and can be recharged with an available compatible power source.

The user must place a small amount of the original substance one wishes to synthesize and replicate into the top chamber, followed by some additional base matter (typically sand or rock) to another chamber, then activate the device.

The transformation takes 8 hours, transforming the base matter into a salt-like compound that functions identically to the original material for the purpose of spellcasting. The original substance is not destroyed or damaged by this process. The volume of synthetic matter produced is affected by the complexity of the matter according to the table below.

Component Cost Volume Produced
0-10 gp x10
11-25 gp x5
26-100 gp x4
101-500 gp x3
500 gp+ x2
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