Pearl of Abundance

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

The pearl of abundance appears as an overly large opalescent pearl. When fully submerged in the contents of a container (such as water in a water skin, gold coins in a coin purse, arrows in a quiver, etc) the contents surrounding the pearl of abundance are instantly replaced when removed. As long as the pearl remains covered on all sides, the container may be scooped from, poured out, or drawn from without ever becoming empty. The pearl cannot replicate magic or magic items, so a pearl of abundance submerged in a potion creates only nonmagical fluid and a pearl of abundance placed in a quiver only creates nonmagical, mundane arrows.

Inorganic objects copied by a pearl of abundance (such as swords, coins, or other such items) appear identical to their original counterparts but are of poor quality. Such items created appear broken and cannot be repaired. Additionally, while they may appear to be made of precious materials such as gold or adamantine, they are masterfully crafted frauds made of common materials like iron, tin, and lead. A successful DC 20 Wisdom (Perception) ability check can identify the true nature of such objects.

A good ancient dragon capable of granting epic boons or divine blessings may bestow the pearl of abundance upon one that has proven themself to be especially selfless and honorable. There can only one pearl of abundance in existence at a time, and every good ancient dragon is aware of its location and owner. Should a good ancient dragon deem that its current owner has shown excessive greed, it may come to reclaim its prize.

Epic Attunement. Instead of creating frauds out of inorganic objects copied by the pearl, the pearl of abundance creates real copies which do not appear to be of poor quality.


This pearl can only be destroyed by enclosing it completely in a perfect vacuum for one year. With nothing around to replace, it begins replacing itself with nothingness until nothing is all that is left. Should the pearl come in contact will anything whatsoever before it is fully consumed, it will immediately reform to its original state.

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