Pendant of Life Sense

Wondrous item, uncommon

These pendants consist of a small bone disc attached to a plain leather thong or metal chain, worn around the neck. On one side of the disc is a careful engraving in the likeness of a specific individual. The likeness must be fairly exact in order for the magic to work, and while it is conceivably possible to create one from a description or a picture of the person, most scrimshanders lack the skill to create these items without having the subject on hand as a reference.

As long as you wear the pendant of life sense, it is reassuringly warm to the touch, and you feel a faint pulse emanating from it, which is in perfect time with the heartbeat of the person whose image it bears. The pulse speeds up or slows down along with their heartbeat, and stops completely should the person die. As an action you can concentrate on the pendant of life sense to learn the direction and distance to the person depicted on the pendant, any conditions affecting her, and a relative sense of her current health (injured, gravely wounded, etc.).

Finally, once per day, you can whisper a message of up to 25 words to the pendant, which the creature depicted on it hears as though they were whispered directly in her ear.

The pendant’s magic functions regardless of distance, and even across planar boundaries, but the wearer is unable to gain information about the subject’s location if she is on another plane.

Each time the creature depicted on the pendant of life sense takes extra damage as a result of a critical hit or loses one quarter of her hit points or more from a single attack, there is a 10% chance that the pendant of life sense bursts into a thousand pieces, dealing 2d10 piercing damage to you and rendering it permanently destroyed, unable to be fixed even by magic.

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