Phial of the Land

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement by a druid)

This container resembles a hollow orb of rough, cloudy crystal mounted in a cradle of green branches crawling up it sides and twining around a cap of hewn wood. A druid who is part of the Circle of the Land can attune this item and plant it in the ground in a new terrain type that is different from the land where they became a druid and then complete a long rest. While they rest, the phial of the land draws the essence of the terrain into itself in the form of a bubbling liquid whose color represents the new land, milky white for arctic, pale blue for coast, sandy yellow for desert, deep green for forest, pale green for grasslands, stony gray for mountains, murky brown for swamp, and oily black for the underdark.

When the druid awakens, they can again attune the phial of the land and drink the collected essence, allowing them to treat this new land as their chosen land for the purpose of circle spells and any other class features related to their land until they complete their next long rest. The druid must repeat this ritual each day or the benefits of the phial of the land are lost. Once the contents of the phial of the land are consumed, it must be planted in the ground while the druid completes a long rest in order to draw forth the power of the land again and replenish its power.

If the druid is already in her chosen terrain type, they can instead quaff the contents of the phial of the land as an action, allowing them to use their Natural Recovery ability to recover spell slots. This is in addition to the druid’s normally allowed use of this ability.

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