Phoenix Egg

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

This ovular golden gem stands just over a foot tall and glows dimly from within. The alien stone is hollow, with implements for a specific ritual included inside. The interior of the Egg hosts a hollowed center, with six engraved cups carved from the same unusual stone. At the bottom of the Egg are several ounces of a thick liquid with a dark gold color.

The Phoenix Egg absorbs elemental energy of all types, giving all creatures within 30 feet resistance against acid, cold, fire, lightning, necrotic, radiant, and thunder damage, and radiation within 30 feet is treated as two steps less severe. Creatures within 30 feet of the Phoenix Egg also are not harmed or impeded by extreme gravity.

The Phoenix Egg sheds light, increasing illumination levels to bright light within 20 feet.

When effects dealing energy damage would enter the Phoenix Egg’s protective aura, the Egg absorbs that energy and converts it into light. For every 50 points of any type of energy (in any combination) it absorbs, the intensity of illumination it radiates increases to the equivalent of daylight and the radius of its radiance increases by 10 feet, up to a maximum of 60-foot radius. This light fades at a rate of 10 feet and one level per minute once energy is no longer being absorbed.

Though potent, this protective ability pales in comparison to the Phoenix Egg’s true purpose: its ability to convert life force into destructive force. In order to activate this power, the egg must be used to drain the essence of a legendary creature with Challenge 20+ that has been slain within the previous minute. This awakens the Phoenix Egg’s latent power and makes it receptive to storing additional life force in a dynamic hypostasis that can be unleashed with devastating potency.

In order to release this stored power, three level 20 creatures each must permanently sacrifice a Divine Blessing or Epic Boon as an action to attune themselves to the Phoenix Egg while touching it, causing it to unfold like a flower, revealing a collection of glowing vials holding the stored life force. Each creature must willingly take a vial and drink from the Phoenix Egg’s stolen power, tying their destiny to the Phoenix Egg and beginning its detonation sequence.

Each Divine Blessing or Epic Boon sacrificed to prime the Phoenix Egg grants it 30 points of life force. In addition, each round thereafter, any level 20 creature bonded to and touching the Phoenix Egg can transfer some of their life force into the Egg. They can sacrifice 10 hit points as a bonus action and/or 20 hit points as an action; this reduces both their current and maximum hit points. or 30 hit points as an action. If a creature linked to the Phoenix Egg is killed, knocked unconscious, or permanently incapacitated within 60 feet of the Egg, as a reaction that character can release any or all of their remaining life force – representing their Constitution score – into the Phoenix Egg, increasing the Egg’s stored energy by 10 points per 1 point of Constitution they sacrifice. The character can use this reaction even if they already have taken their reaction during that round. A character also can choose to permanently sacrifice hit points, with each hit point so sacrificed worth twice as much as normal. These lost hit points are not regained if the creature is later revived from the dead or otherwise brought back to full health.

Treat the Phoenix Egg’s turn as happening at initiative count 0. If one full round passes with no one donating life force to the Phoenix Egg once this process has begun, the Phoenix Egg closes and seals itself and focuses and concentrates its power, erupting one round later on its initiative count in a cataclysmic eruption of force energy. Life force implanted into the Phoenix Egg increases its power on a logarithmic scale, with each one-point increase on the Power Scale representing a tenfold increase in the explosion’s magnitude, which represents both the number of hit points of force damage dealt to creatures and objects and the number of miles of the effect’s radius. Immunity to force damage does not apply against the Phoenix Egg for any creature of less than god-like status.

Table 11-2: Phoenix Egg Explosion Results
Power Scale (Level) Life Force Magnitude
1 10 1,000
2 100 10,000
3 150 100,000
4 175 1,000,000
5 200 10,000,000
6 225 100,000,000
7 250 1,000,000,000
8 275 10,000,000,000
9 300 100,000,000,000
10 400 1,000,000,000,000
11 500 10,000,000,000,000 (~2 light years)
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