Pirate Queen’s Pearl

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

Formed from shimmering pearl, this 1-foot tall statuette has the smooth stylized form of a female human (or possibly half-elven) pirate. The Pirate Queen’s pearl functions as a holy symbol of the Goddess of Piracy, usable for spells and class features requiring a divine focus. If your patron deity is the Goddess of Piracy, then your caster level counts as 1 higher when determining the effects and number of divine spells you may know and cast. You also gain a +1 bonus to spell attack rolls and spell save DCs.

Once per day, you can ask whether taking a particular ship by force is worth the effort. If the you and your crew could defeat the ship, and it is a valuable enough prize to be worth the risk, the statue glows a bright white for several seconds. If the ship meets neither of these criteria, then the pearl turns black as pitch for the same length of time, and if the ship only meets one of the criteria then the pearl does nothing. Treat this as a divination spell with a 10% chance of failure, but if the percentage roll fails then the pearl does nothing, and you don’t know whether this was because the percentage roll failed or because one of the conditions of the question wasn’t met.

If you attempt to orbit an ioun stone around the statue’s head, the stone spirals inward and sinks into the Pirate Queen’s pearl. The statuette takes on a color tone reminiscent of the color of the absorbed stone, blending with any other colors already present. The Pirate Queen’s pearl can absorb up to six stones in this manner. Anyone with the statuette on their person gains the benefits of all these ioun stones. The pearl also augments these ioun stones granting the bearer a supplementary power for each stone. See the table Known Supplementary Powers below for a list of known powers.

You can remove an absorbed ioun stone by holding the statuette and touching it to your forehead. The absorbed stone comes out of the pearl and takes up orbit around you. The Pirate Queen’s pearl currently has a dark blue rhomboid and a clear spindle inside, giving it a glittering sheen and a cerulean tinge.


The Pirate Queen’s pearl is destroyed if a pirate captain who, of their own free will, truly renounces their piratical ways, surrenders their ship and crew, and gives the pearl to a lawful authority opposed to piracy. The pearl cracks apart when this occurs, releasing any absorbed ioun stones.

Random Properties. The Pirate Queen’s pearl has the following random properties:

  • 1 major detrimental property.
  • 2 minor detrimental properties
Known Supplementary Powers Name Effect
Clear spindle Grants a +1 bonus to Wisdom (Survival) checks when using the skill to forage for food and water.
Dusty rose prism Grants a +1 bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity.
Deep red sphere Grants a +1 bonus to two Dexteritybased skills.
Incandescent blue sphere Grants a +1 bonus to two Wisdombased skills.
Pale blue rhomboid Grants a +1 bonus to two Strengthbased skills.
Pink rhomboid Grants a +1 bonus to Constitution ability checks.
Pink and green sphere Grants a +1 bonus to two Charismabased skills.
Scarlet and blue sphere Grants a +1 bonus to two Intelligence-based skill.
Dark blue rhomboid Grants a +1 bonus to Wisdom (Perception) and Wisdom (Insight) checks.
Iridescent spindle Protects against underwater damage caused naturally by terrain effects (for example, water pressure).

Pale green Once per day you may use the regenerate spell.

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