Planar Atlas

Wondrous item, rare

The planar atlas is a poster-sized leatherbound book with but a few pages. Written in coded runes, the cover page always displays the name of the current plane in large calligraphic letters, while the back page brings a cryptic index of important locations, listed by name. The remaining two-page spread in the middle displays a puzzling map replete of keys and commentaries about the current plane, some indicating eventual points of passage to neighboring dimensions.

Deciphering the notations on a planar atlas requires a DC 20 Knowledge (planes) check. By consulting the planar atlas, you can improve your familiarity towards a location on that plane by one step in the familiarity table when casting teleport, plus one additional step for every 5 points by which you beat the DC on each check.

When utilizing the plane shift spell, you appear 1 to 100 miles from your intended destination (d%).

You can add or subtract a number of miles by the number of points by which you beat the DC on each check from this percentile roll.

A character who can read the planar atlas gains advantage on any Wisdom (Survival) or Intelligence checks made to navigate within the current plane.

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