Platinum Cestus

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

This single platinum gauntlet shimmers with energy. It is a powerful artifact that draws upon your personal power—the more powerful you are, the greater the artifact’s might.

While wearing this cestus, your Strength and Charisma scores change, depending on your level. It has no effect on your ability scores if your Strength or Charisma without it is equal to or greater than the gauntlet’s score.

Level Strength and Charisma
1–5 15
6–10 17
11–15 19
16–20 21

The cestus has a number of charges equal to your level, and it regains 2d10 charges daily at dawn. You can cast the following spells from the cestus, expending the necessary number of charges:

You can use the cestus to cast wish, but this permanently reduces your hit point maximum by 5d6, a loss that cannot be restored.

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