Polarity Hammer

Weapon (warhammer), rare (requires attunement)

This +1 warhammer warhammer is made of solid steel, with a haft that resembles two chains twisted together. As a bonus action, the wielder can command the polarity hammer to split apart, forming two +1 light hammers joined by a length of chain, or to join its two heads back into a single warhammer.

When split apart, the two light hammers can be used for two-weapon fighting, or the wielder can hold end of the polarity hammer and wield the other as if the weapon had the reach property.

The wielder of a polarity hammer can use its magic to attract or repel metal objects, granting a +1 bonus on Strength (Athletics) checks made to shove a creature in medium or heavy metal armor or using a metal shield, or a +2 bonus against creatures made of metal. When the wielder shoves such a target, she can choose to move the target 5 feet closer or 5 feet farther away, and if the wielder’s Strength (Athletics) check exceeds the defender’s check by 5 or more, he can choose to both knock the target prone and shove the target 5 feet.

When the wielder uses the Dodge action, she gains a +1 bonus to AC against metal weapons or who are wearing medium or heavy metal armor, increased to +2 against attacks by creatures made of metal.

This bonus also applies on Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks the wielder makes to avoid being shoved or grappled by such attacks.

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