Wondrous item, rare

A polytool is a miniature fabrication laboratory condensed into a single wearable piece of technology.

It holds 10 charges and be recharged with a battery or other power source. The wearer of the polytool may create any of the below effects by expending the listed number of charges from the item.

  • 1 charge: Gain a +2 bonus on any check to create, modify, or sabotage an item
  • 2 charges: Create an item as if by fabricate
  • Recharge one touched technological item equal to the number of charges expended -2.
  • Create one one-handed or light melee weapon.

Weapons created in this fashion may not be of a special material and cost 1 charge to create and may be sustained by expending 1 additional charge per round. On a round in which a charge is not expended the weapon crumbles to dust. This weapon may not be disarmed or dropped, but it may be damaged as normal.

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