Portrait Mask

Wondrous item, very rare

This is a painting of a mask detailed with the features and coloration of a person’s face. You can speak a command word to remove the mask from the portrait and wear it; it collapses into wet paint for anyone else who tries to take it, only to reappear in the portrait.

Wearing the mask, you become aware of the direction and distance to all artistically rendered images of the mask’s current face (paintings, sculptures, etc.) within 1 mile and can enter those images as a magical effect for up to 1 hour per day, disappearing in the real world.

While in the painting, you can perceive everything within 30 feet of the sculpture or painting, and can speak and interact with people nearby, using the likeness to do so. When doing so, you have advantage on Charisma checks made for the purposes of interacting through the sculpture or painting. This duration need not be consecutive but must be spent in 5-minute increments. If the sculpture or painting you inhabit is destroyed while you inhabit it, you must make a DC 19 Constitution saving throw, gaining a level of exhaustion on a failure. In either case, you return to the same space or the nearest safe space you occupied before activating the mask.

If you speak the command word again wearing the mask, you can change its face to your likeness. This change is permanent until it is changed again b y someone else wearing the mask.

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