Post Parchment

Wondrous item, uncommon

This stiff, creamy parchment has diagonal lines embossed along one edge. It is usually found in a bundle containing 1d6 + 4 sheets. Writing on both sides, you can fit up to five hundred words of content on a sheet while still maintaining legibility.

While holding the parchment, you can use an action to nominate a place you have seen (either in person or magically) as the destination of the message. The parchment sprouts a small pair of wings and flies toward that place at a speed of 120 feet.

The location can be anywhere on the same plane. The parchment can move underwater, and it can fly through space. If a direct path to the destination is blocked, the flying parchment tries different routes until it finds a way through. When it arrives at the destination, the parchment drops to the ground, the wings disappear, and it is no longer magical.

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