Potion of Detonation

Potion, uncommon

When you drink this potion, you become infused with a massive surge of one type of energy, chosen by the GM or determined randomly from the options below. You gain resistance to that type of energy until the beginning of your next turn. At the end of your next turn, a blast of that energy erupts from you in a 30-foot radius. Creatures within 15 feet of you take 4d8 damage of that type, or half as much with a successful DC 14 saving throw (see the table below for the type of save required). Creatures between 15 and 30 feet away from you take 2d8 damage, or half as much on a successful save. You also take 2d8 damage of that type, with no saving throw.

d10 Damage Type Saving Throw
1 Acid Dexterity
2 Cold Dexterity
3 Fire Dexterity
4 Force Constitution
5 Lightning Dexterity
6 Necrotic Constitution
7 Poison Constitution
8 Psychic Wisdom
9 Radiant Dexterity
10 thunder Constitution
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