Potion of Dreaming

Potion, rare

This syrupy green liquid seems to conjure images as you peer into its depths, almost as if a ghostly face or unblinking eye gazes back as you gaze into it. When consumed willingly, a potion of dreaming opens your “inner eye” to perceive possibilities and futures. You become incapacitated and blinded for 1 minute as your mind soars through the Dream Dimension, granting one of the following benefits:

Dream Sending: You send a message embedded in a dream, as if you had cast dream. If you infuse a lock of hair, clipping from a nail, or similar portion of the target’s body into the potion of dreaming before drinking it, the target has disadvantage on its saving throw.

Visions of the Future: You gain insight about a single goal, event, or activity to occur within 7 days, as if you had cast divination.

An unwilling creature forced to consume a potion of dreaming is buffeted with strange visions, causing them to become poisoned for 1 round if they fail a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw.

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