Potion of Plant Shape

Potion, rare

When you drink this syrupy amber-green potion, you are infused with verdant power that you can use in one of three ways.

Plant Merge. You can meld your body and all equipment you carry into a living tree for up to 8 hours. The tree must be at least 1 foot thick. This otherwise functions like meld into stone.

Tree Shape. You can transform your body and all gear you carry into a small tree of up to twice your height for up to 1 hour. In this form you are indistinguishable from a normal tree, though detect magic reveals the magic. While in tree shape, you are aware of your surroundings and can use your senses normally. You can revert to your normal form as an action; this ends the potion’s magic.

Verdant Polymorph. You can transform yourself into an animate plant creature for up to 10 minutes. This functions like polymorph but you can only assume the form of plant creatures.

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