Potion of Shadow Healing

Potion, rare

The potion of shadow healing functions as an equivalent potion of healing.

Once consumed, the user feels energized and health is restored.

If the healing provided by the potion would cause the drinker to exceed their maximum hit points, they gain any leftover hit points as shadow hit points (SHPs). These function like temporary hit points and cannot exceed the drinker’s normal maximum hit points. If not lost due to injury, these Shps may last indefinitely, though they are depleted at a rate of 1 Shp per day in normal light, 1 Shp per hour in bright light, but they do not deplete at all if the drinker spends the entire day in dim light or darkness. Shp cannot be healed, except by drinking another potion of shadow healing.

While retaining Shps, the user can sense creatures from the Pane of Shadow within 120 feet and are less likely to be attacked by such creatures, which tend to ignore the user unless they perform a hostile act or draw too much attention to themselves (GM’s discretion). While in the Plane of Shadow, the user is protected from the Plane’s base environmental effects, but not against unusual hazards or creatures.

The user can spend 5 Shps to plane shift to the Plane of Shadow; this affects only the drinker (and their familiar, if they have one).

In combat in normal light or dim light (but not in bright light or total darkness), the drinker can expend 2 Shp to perform a shadow step when rolling initiative in order to gain a +2 bonus on that check. Alternatively, they can shadow step as a bonus action during combat, allowing them to move up to 10 feet instantly without provoking opportunity attacks, and if they attack a creature in the same round after a shadow step they gain a +2 bonus on the attack roll. A rogue using shadow step in this way can choose to gain advantage on the attack roll instead of this +2 bonus.

Whenever the user gains Shps or each month they are retained, the GM makes a secret DC 10 Constitution saving throw (DC 10). On a failed save, the user gains 1 point of shadow taint. Each point of shadow taint increases the DC by 1 of subsequent saving throws to resist gaining more shadow taint.

If a creature’s total of shadow taint ever equals their Constitution score, they immediately shift to the Plane of Shadow and are transformed into a shade.

If potion of shadow healing is administered to a creature at 0 hit points, that creature must roll 1d20; on a natural 1 they are transformed into a shade as above and shift into the Plane of Shadow as above.

If the creature already with shadow taint is revived with raise dead, they must make a Constitution saving throw as if to resist acquiring more shadow taint. If this save is failed, they are transformed into a shade and shift to the Plane of Shadow as above. This does not occur if resurrection, true resurrection, or wish is used to revive the creature.

Shadow taint can be removed with greater restoration, with each casting removing 1 point of taint, or by spending time in the Positive Energy Plane, which removes 1 point of taint per hour.

A potion of shadow healing can only be stored in an opaque container, otherwise its properties get destroyed when exposed to normal light, dropping one level of potency per hour.

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