Princess Peony

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This delicate pink blossom can be pinned onto a cloak, vest, hat, or similar garment. Whenever a creature attacks you, you can activate the princess peony as a reaction, causing it to leap forth from your lapel as a pink-white spectral female samurai made of ghostly flower petals of force. The princess peony occupies the same space as you, with its phantom flower armor appearing to surround you as its phantom petal blade parries blows, causing ranged and melee weapon attacks against you to have disadvantage. In addition, once per round as a reaction, when you would be hit by an attack, make an attack roll against the creature which attacked you using your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier. If you would hit the creature, you deal no damage, but the creature’s attack misses you as the spectral samurai deflects the blow.

A princess peony protects you for 7 rounds and then crumbles to dust.

Epic Attunement. Whenever you would be hit by an attack roll, you roll your attack roll to see if the samurai deflects the attack with advantage. Furthermore, if the samurai deflects the attack, deal 1d10 slashing damage to the enemy. This attack can critically hit on a roll of a 19 or 20, dealing 2d10 slashing damage.

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