Radiant Censer

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement to a Good-aligned creature)

This gleaming incense burner is consecrated to the powers of good, granting them a sense of warmth and comfort, while its smoke is harsh and choking to those of an evil nature. You may light a stick of incense in the radiant censer as an action, producing a cloud of glowing smoke in a 10-foot-radius spread. Good-aligned creatures see in this smoke as an area of bright light, with an equal radius of dim light surrounding it. This is considered a 1st-level magical light effect. Good aligned creatures are also considered under the effects of bless while they are within the smoke.

Evil-aligned creatures treat this area of smoke as fog cloud and they gain a level of exhaustion for 1 round if they begin their turn in the smoke. Once used, the censer cannot burn this magical smoke again until after the next dawn.

If you can cast divine spells, the radius of the smoke increases by 5 feet each round at the end of each of your turns (to a maximum of 30 feet) as long as you haven’t moved more than 5 feet that turn.

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