Radiant Pharaoh’s Mail

Armor (scale mail), legendary

An austere set of +3 scale mail, radiant pharaoh’s mail is embellished with metal plates depicting hieroglyphic renditions of war and imagery of a sun god. The armor radiates continuous light, and once per day, the wearer can speak the Sun God’s name as a bonus action, causing the armor to shed bright light as daylight spell.

When the wearer is struck in melee, up to three times per day as a reaction he can release a flash of radiance requiring a melee weapon attack. On a hit, this radiance deals 17 (5d6) radiant damage. If a critical hit is struck against the wearer, he can expend all three daily uses of this ability as a reaction to create a sunburst (DC 19) centered on himself.

This sunburst does not harm the wearer. After this sunburst is released, the armor’s light-based powers are suppressed for 24 hours.

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