Rainbow Lenses

Wondrous item, rare

These wire-rimmed spectacles shimmer with a faint iridescence whose color varies depending on the angle, though the wearer can see only in black and white. However, the wearer also is immune to being blinded or charmed by visual or light-based effects, including natural bright light and spells such as color spray, hypnotic pattern, and prismatic wall. This does not prevent radiant damage or other harmful effects.

As an action, the wearer can cast color spray (at 3rd level) or hypnotic pattern (DC 13). Using either ability causes the rainbow lenses to grow dim and cease functioning until the wearer completes a short rest while wearing them.

If the wearer uses either ability a second time before completing a long rest, the rainbow lenses cease functioning until the wearer completes a long rest while wearing them.

If the wearer casts color spray or hypnotic pattern using their own spell slots (i.e., not from the rainbow lenses), their shifting patterns of color are exceptionally vivid, increasing the save DC by 1.

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