Rapture Chip

Cybertech, very rare

A rapture chip is installed in the pleasure center of a creature’s brain. Successful implantation leaves no trace of the operation. Once in place, a rapture chip can be activated by any rapture ray attuned to its frequency. Anyone able to activate a creature’s implanted rapture chip receives a +2 bonus on any Deception, Persuasion, or Animal Handling skill checks made against the creature. Regular use of a rapture chip can be addicting for a creature implanted with one. The effects of an activated rapture chip are short-lived, but render the implanted creature incapacitated for 1 round as it is overcome with a sensation of ecstasy. Psychological addiction to the implant’s effects are a danger. Each time it is activated, the implanted creature must attempt a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw or become addicted.

The creature gains 1 level of fatigue that can only be removed with a successful DC 10 Wisdom saving throw after 24 hours of abstinence from the rapture chip, or with another activation of the rapture chip.

Optic Enhancements Perception Bonus Additional Effect Implantation Install
Mark I 1 1 DC 12
Mark II 2 Darkvision 30 feet 2 DC 14
Mark III 3 Darkvision 60 feet 3 DC 16
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