Razor Bow

Weapon (longbow), legendary (attunement required)

Completely made of metal, this shiny +1 longbow is surprisingly flexible, bending as a regular wooden bow under the strain of a steel bowstring.

The outer sides of the lower and upper limbs are crafted like curved blades, allowing the wielder of a razor bow to use it as a +1 battleaxe in melee combat.

The razor bow is a Finesse weapon.

The razor bow momentarily transforms all arrows it fires into adamantine, and turns the arrow’s fletching into extended, sharp blades that allow the arrows to deal both piercing and slashing. In addition, if you have godlike powers, twice per day when you roll a natural roll of 20 when shooting an arrow, treat that attack as if it had a vorpal sword’s properties for the resolution of that strike. You may not use this power against godlike creatures.

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