Reanimating Fluid

Potion, uncommon

This viscous, translucent green fluid is typically stored in a large syringe. When injected into a mostly intact corpse of a Medium or smaller creature that has been dead for no more than 1 day (time spent under effects like gentle repose don’t count against this time), the fluid gives the corpse a rudimentary semblance of life, reactivating its nerves and muscle tissue. This causes the corpse to reanimate and shamble around erratically for 1 minute. The result is not an undead creature, nor is it a construct. The reanimated corpse remains utterly lifeless and is driven only by muscular spasms that cause it shuffle 20 feet in a random direction each round, gasping and blinking eerily as it goes. When the corpse hits a solid barrier or is attacked, it stops moving. On its next turn, roll 1d8 to determine where it goes next. On a 1, it continues forward in the same direction it had been previously moving (or runs up against the same barrier).

On a 2, it turns 45º clockwise and heads in that direction; on a 3, it turns 90º clockwise and heads in that direction; and so on. The corpse can’t attack, doesn’t defend itself, and—as an object—has AC 10 and 12 hit points.

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