Reflections on Hali


A thick, black leather-bound tome with its title written in Deep Speech in elaborate and exquisite gold leaf on the front. Its delicate pages are inscribed with precise and tiny characters in a variety of languages, including Abyssal, Draconic, High Boros, and Infernal, but none so prevalent as Deep Speech.

Reflections on Hali is the grimoire of the occultist Ellerby “Old Eb” Wallix. Within its covers, along with a host of arcane spells, are Old Eb’s notes on the summoning and calling of extraplanar entities in relation to the optimal requests that should be made of them. Along with general guidance for dealing with entities from across the breadth of the inner, outer, and esoteric planes, the names of 13 such creatures with their affinities and anathema are detailed. Additionally, a record of the use of rare toad venom and the use of other hallucinogens and the hypnotic pattern spell spell to induce lucid dreaming states suitable for exploration of the Dreamlands is included.

It focuses on the navigation of the dreamsea to the Dreaming Shore of the Plateau of Leng.

Finally, it details the formulae for various paints using pigments from extraplanar sources and binding them with esoteric oils and the eggs of outsiders and aberrations.

Protections glyph of warding (explosive runes variant, DC 16 Dexterity saving throw, illusory script (hides the creature names, the navigation of the dreamsea, and the paint formulae). The command word “Ph’nglui” (which might be discovered at the GM’s option by characters using the hallucinogenic toad venom) disables the illusory script.


1st—alarm, charm person, comprehend languages, endure elements, floating disk, fog cloud, identify, mage armor, obscuring mist, protection from evil and good, unseen servant 2nd—arcane lock, augury, blindness/deafness, continual flame, detect thoughts, invisibility, locate object, see invisibility 3rd—clairvoyance, dispel magic, glyph of warding, hypnotic pattern, illusory script, magic circle, nondetection, suggestion 4th—animate dead, arcane eye, banishment, dimension door, greater invisibility, locate creature, private sanctum, scrying

Preparaiton Ritual – Special

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