Ricochet Boomerang

Weapon (boomerang), rare (requires attunement)

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. When you make a ranged attack with this weapon, whether or not the attack hits, the weapon flies back to your hand immediately after the attack. If you hit an opponent with the ricochet boomerang as a ranged attack, you can make a bonus attack with a -2 penalty against another target within 10 feet of that creature. As an action, the wielder can make a ranged weapon attack with the ricochet boomerang, taking a -2 penalty on the attack roll. If the attack hits, the wielder can select a second target within 10 feet of the original target and make a second attack roll using the same attack bonus (including the -2 penalty) against that target. Alternately, you can bounce the ricochet boomerang off an object—such as a large rock, statue, or wall—within 10 feet of a target. You take a -2 penalty to the attack roll, but any cover bonus to the target’s AC must be determined as if the attack came from the direction of that object rather than in a direct line between you and the target.

Once per day, you can use the ricochet boomerang to attack multiple opponents, bouncing the weapon off one target to strike another, and then another, up to four targets within the maximum range of the weapon. Resolve each attack separately, applying appropriate range penalties for the total distance the weapon travels to attack a target. After each attack is resolved, the weapon must move on to a new target, but it can bounce back from one target to a previous target if desired. Once all attacks are resolved, the ricochet boomerang returns to your hand as normal.

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