Ring of Backstepping

Ring, rare (requires attunement)

This copper ring holds between the open ends of its bypass shank a fragile glass center stone. By pressing together the two sides of the band and crushing the glass piece in the middle as an action, you instantly travel between two points located in the same plane of existence, teleporting from your current position to the exact place you occupied at the end of your last turn. This power works regardless of the distance between the two points, though they must be on the same plane.

All gear and held objects travel with you. If you are touching your familiar, you can choose to take your familiar with you. If you are touching any other type of creature, such as during a grapple, that creature is left behind. If the target destination is occupied when you activate the ring, you teleport instead to the nearest unoccupied space in relation to your target destination.

The shattered center stone reforms after you complete a long rest, after which the ring can be used again. You can use the ring of backstepping to return to your previous position even if it is on another plane, though when you do so the stone takes 1 week to reform.

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