Ring of Delayed Doom

Ring, very rare (requires attunement)

This delicate golden ring is surmounted with five oval stones. Whenever the wearer fails a saving throw against a harmful effect, as a reaction they can delay the onset of that effect for 1 minute. This causes one of the gleaming stones on the ring to become dull and cracked. Once all five jewels have been expended, the ring crumbles to powder.

After 1 minute passes, the effect occurs unless the wearer chooses to delay its onset by 1 additional minute by expending another jewel. While the ring of delayed doom is delaying an effect, it cannot be used to delay a different effect. If the wearer chooses to delay a new effect, the previous effect occurs immediately.

Spells or abilities that protect or negate the delayed harmful effect, such as protection from energy or stoneskin, can be cast while an effect is delayed and apply against once the effect occurs.

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