Ring of Devine Deception

Ring, uncommon (requires attunement)

This plain ring is unadorned on its outer surface, but its interior is replete with a variety of holy and unholy symbols and divine inscriptions, allowing you to intercept a fragment of divine power used nearby. When a ranged healing effect targets a creature within 30 feet, you regain 1 hit point for every 4 hit points that creature regains. This does not affect healing effects you create, those delivered by touch (including drinking potions), and it does not function when you have more than half your maximum hit points.

In addition, you have advantage on saving throws against a cleric’s channel divinity class feature, and if it deals hit point damage you have resistance to it. As a reaction, you can grant this benefit to an ally within 30 feet, though you must complete a long rest before being able to use that ability again.

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