Ring of Erudite Alacrity

Ring, rare (requires attunement)

Three movable bands form this ring of three different metals—gold, platinum, and silver—and have an inscription exalting spirits or deities of memory and knowledge in a different language on each band.

Spinning the gold band while speaking its inscription allows the wearer of a ring of erudite alacrity to memorize every word and detail of either one image or up to 1,000 words of text. This information can be perfectly recalled at a later time, allowing the wearer to automatically succeed on Intelligence checks made to remember this information for up to 1 day. This memorization does not require comprehension. For example, the wearer may memorize information in an unknown language, but it will be recalled in that unknown language without the wearer understanding the meaning. At any time, this memorized information may be dismissed and a new image or section of text committed instead. The wearer can renew this ability each day and keep the knowledge retained. If a different ability of the ring is activated or 24 hours pass without renewing this effect, this perfect recollection is automatically dismissed.

By spinning the platinum band and reciting its phrase, the wearer can read at twice the normal speed and reduce time needed for spell research, mundane or magical crafting, or Intelligence (Investigation) or Wisdom (Perception) checks based on locating written information by half. This effect lasts until the wearer takes a long rest; if a task is incomplete and the wearer loses the effect of the ring of erudite alacrity, then the progress made remains, but the time that was remaining doubles, but then is reduced by half again if the wearer comes under the effects of the ring again.

Finally, spinning and reciting the phrase on the silver band heightens the wearer’s mental alacrity to near-precognitive levels. The wearer gains advantage on initiative rolls and Dexterity saves and a +2 to Armor Class for up to 7 rounds. This effect recharges after a long rest.

Only one ability of the ring of erudite alacrity can be active at any one time, although the active effect may be changed as a bonus action.

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