Ring of the Grasping Grave

Ring, rare (requires attunement)

This carved bone ring is inscribed with faint traceries of mystic runes. Any melee spell attack you use that deals necrotic damage adds 1 point per die to the damage dealt. In addition, the ring’s power allows you to touch undead creatures without harm, even if touching them normally imparts a disease, life drain, or some other harmful effect. This does not protect you against attacks made by undead creatures against you. It does, however, allow you to make Strength (Athletics) checks to Grapple or Shove an undead creature even if it is incorporeal. A melee weapon you wield in the hand wearing the ring of the grasping grave can bypass the damage resistance of an undead creature as if it were magical.

If you are a spellcaster, the ring also allows you to cause the bones of the dead to erupt from the ground by expending a spell slot in one of the following ways that duplicate plant-based spells but are comprised of bones: Grasping Graves: As an action, expend a 1stlevel slot to cause a mass of skeletal hands to erupt, snatching all creatures in the area as entangle (DC 14).

Skeletal Snatch: As a bonus action, expend a 1stlevel slot to cause skeletal hands to reach out of the ground after you hit a creature with a weapon attack, affecting the target as ensnaring strike (DC 14).

Wall of Bones: As an action, expend a 6th-level slot to create a tangled thicket of sharpened bones equivalent to a wall of thorns (DC 14).

You can use these abilities as often as desired, as long as you have spell slots available to expend. You cannot use these abilities if you lack spell slots of the appropriate level.

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