Ring of Wings

Ring, rare (requires attunement by a ranger with a ranger’s companion)

This bronze ring is covered in a patina of verdigris and carved with a reclining griffon. While wearing the ring, you can spend 8 hours training your companion in the art of flight. After doing this, you and your companion must complete a long rest, after which your companion sprouts a pair of feathered wings and gains a fly speed equal to its land speed plus 10 feet. It treats these wings as a natural part of itself, as comfortable with them as if it always had possessed them and was a creature that always had the power of flight. If your companion already has a fly speed, its own wings are enhanced instead and its fly speed is increased by 30 feet.

Once your companion has grown its wings, the next time you attune magic items you can instead attune the ring of wings to the companion itself; it no longer counts as an attuned item for you. You must continue to wear the ring, however, and if it is lost or destroyed your companion loses its wings the next time it completes a long rest. Gaining or losing the wings does not harm your companion.

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