Rings of Power

Dwarves forged rings of power are considered ancestral relics. Only one ring may be worn at any given time. All rings are legendary and require attunement by a dwarf.

Ring of Stoneborn

This ring functions as a stone of controlling earth elementals, and amulet of proof against detection and location, and a Gem of Seeing. The wearer also gains the strength of a hill giant, changing their Strength score to 21.

Ring of Ironforge

This ring functions as a brazier of commanding fire elementals, a ring of fire resistance, and wand of fireballs.

Ring of Hammerhand

This ring acts as a ring of free action, boots of speed, and gauntlets of ogre power.

Ring of Tunneltrue

This ring serves as a wand of metal and mineral detection, spade of colossal excavation, and a necklace of adaptation.

Ring of Broadbeam

This ring serves the foremost dwarven architects and masons. It functions as a cube of force, an instant fortress, and a ring of x-ray vision.

Ring of Longbeard

This ring has the powers of eyes of magnification and a gem of brightness.

Ring of Cobblestones

This ring acts as a broach of shielding, a periapt of proof against poison +2, and a wand of light.

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